A need for connection


A need for connection,
Drawn in, enchanted by
Resonances with nature
And the kinship of others,
With beauty
Forged by heart’s endeavour.

And so should we
Always aspire to polish
Such precious attainment
With love,
A blessed friction of sorts
That allows us
To birth our night into day
And bathe it clean,
So that beloved things can glow
Together in a litter of light.

The day is done


The day is done
And no one is immune,
It’s true.

That sense of a voyage
Slips seamlessly past,
For there is a finite beginning
And end to everything.

And yet a sense of connection,
A bejeweled purpose too,
Like the child
Whose way ahead
You’ve already lit,
Or the lover you’ve yet to meet.

Many such moments
Come and go, as they must,
Melting away
Into the space we are given.

But what endures for me
Is a persistent resonance,
Some heady wish
For access again
To a sense of wonder,
In the stream of things,
That, this time round,
It might just be possible
To keep in my heart
A little longer.

So tarry with me awhile
And we will see
What we can do
To tenderly explore
Beneath the frail shell
Of all we’ve since become.

Trusting that, maybe within
Such smoothly sculpted casing,
And still delicately enclosed,
Might just lie the silky lustre
Of some lavish
And joyful communion,
Waiting for its chance
To grip and catch the light again.

We are anything


We are anything but finite
Or alone!
After all the petals of proof
Are here in our hearts,
Are they not?

And however deflated
We might sometimes be,
Either by our own frailties
Or the cruelty of others,
– Inviolate –
At the core of our being,
The very prism
Of sanctity and self remains.

And latent there,
The quick silvered opportunity
Of redemption,
To become enchanted again.

Sublime moments refracted,
Even if only for seconds,
Caught forever in your soul.

About the Poet

scottScott Hastie is a successful British born poet and writer, who has been has been commercially published in the UK for over twenty years now. He currently has ten titles in print, including a novel and four collections of poetry. In recent years, the spiritual tone in his maturing poetic voice is starting to draw acclaim and attention from an increasing worldwide audience, especially in the U.S., Asia and the Middle East.  Some of his works can be found at www.scotthastie.com. Major new collection Angel Voices recently released worldwide in print. Scott says: I consider myself fortunate to be able to be living and writing full-time at home in the glorious Hertfordshire countryside, only a thirty minute commuter ride from London. My poetry looks to positively explore human potential, with an emphasis on love, spiritual growth and self awareness. It is very important to me that my work remains as open, accessible and as simply expressed as possible. My influences vary from the great traditional English visionary romantics like Keats, Coleridge & Blake through to the distillation of thought and leanness of expression offered by the Japanese haiku tradition, the shining example of giants like Eliot and Rilke and Kahil Gibran n particular, as well as later technical breakthroughs achieved in the 1970’s by leading Scottish concrete poets Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan.