April 2016

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Prachya Review, April 2016

Guest Editor (Prose): Mary A. Hickman (U.S.)
Poetry Editor : Manos Kounougakis (Greece),  Shafinur Shafin (Bangladesh)
Prose Editor : Anika Shah (Bangladesh)
Logo Design : Bidhan Saha (Bangladesh)
Cover Design : Arpan Roy (India)
Lettering on Cover: Razib Datta (Bangladesh)
Prose Illustrations done by Arpan Roy


Table of Contents


Unexpected Angel by Farah Ghuznavi

Red by Christopher Farley

Unconditional Love Virus vs Love by Gerald Gatheru Githinji

Entwined Hearts by Gulraj Singh Bedi

Dear Omar by Saima Rashid

Careful What You Wish for by Adolfo Rico

Mother by Rehnuma Siddique

The Autumn Tree by Yasir Khan



Poems by Clifford Brooks

Poems by Fernando Carrera

Poems by Glen Armstrong

Poems by Margaret Saine

Poems by Abhijit Bera

Poems by Bea Litherland

Poems by Glen Wilson

Poems by Ogunniyi Abayomi

Poems by Oyin Oludipe

Poems by Sheikha A

Poems by Sylvia Riojas Vaughn

Poems by Wayne Russell

Poems by Saara Samin

Poems by Akor Emmanuel Oche

Poems by L T O’rourke



An Intimate Talk by Niels Hav



Book Review by Omer TarinBook Review by Muhammad A Bashed

Film Review by M. Stuart Persson


Editorial – Spring 2016

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”

― Pablo Neruda


Spring is another transitive season of the cycle of life and death. It is associated with rebirth and renewal as during this period nature awakes from its hibernation and restores its grandeur. Almost every human civilization celebrates the coming of spring with festivals, songs and circular dances, which are indicative of the people’s joy for the new beginning of the cycle of life and death. This season is also full of energy. The natural environment revives and releases its stimulatory energy which was latent during the winter. It affects all the living creatures, including human beings. Therefore, it is an ideal period for inspiration and creation. In addition, in a spiritual level spring symbolizes the expansion of the divine knowledge, which is shared to the men and women who are willing to receive it. As a result, spring inspires the artists to share their divine work to other human beings.

However, some of us cannot experience this transcendental coming of spring. Even in this mirthful period, feelings of depression and anxiety may remain to the surface and especially in the urban environments where human beings live isolated from nature and its rebirth. The modern lifestyle makes them unable to transcend and consequently they cannot escape from the miserable psychological and emotional state which is associated with winter. Writing is a healing process for these people. It liberates them from their burdens and offers them the opportunity to experience the coming of spring and make a new beginning.

Therefore, our third issue has a dual function. Not only does it celebrate the arrival of spring and the sacred beginning of the new cycle of life but it is also a tribute to those who are not ready to experience this transition and use writing or reading in order to get rid of their burdens.

We would like to thank you again for your support! It really encourages and enables us to continue our journey into the charming, uncharted waters of worldwide literature.


Editorial Panel,

Mary A. Hickman
Mary A. Hickman
Manos Kounougakis
Manos Kounougakis
Shafinur Shafin
Shafinur Shafin
Anika Shah
Anika Shah