My journey through art has been exploring and playing with the elements of design.  The elements of design are a dot, line, shape, form, color and texture.

My aim has been to discover as many mediums and techniques – to get to know the character of each medium and to select an image accordingly.

My inspiration has always been nature and its creations.

I will start with a pencil drawing of my brother ‘Ahmad’, as a baby. Through the subtle rendering of a pencil I have tried to portray the softness and innocence of a baby.

Moving on to other techniques, in printmaking I worked on Lithography and Aqua tint. ‘The wise ones Owls’, I chose owls as my subjects. Used Aquatint technique to express the texture of the feathers and the wood of the branch. While working with Eggtempra technique, I used the glazy and translucent feel of the medium to paint my ‘Fish’.

Nature has been my favorite subject while using oil paints. Human figure with its complex curves angles and dynamic structure has always fascinated me. Sculpture is my passion. ‘A cry’ two birds made out of copper sheet and wire. My wire sculptures are an effort to create a form in space with as linear material as a wire. For me sculpture and painting are intertwined with each other. My fondness for 3D forms made me venture into the art of wheel thrown pottery. 

Thus my journey goes on exploring new disciplines, materials, shapes, forms and colors.

– Nosheen Ahmad




About the Artist

Nosheen Ahmad was born and raised and got her early and higher education in Lahore. Her grandparents were from Amritser, a city in Punjab, India. At the time of partition they migrated to Lahore. From childhood she was interested in art as subjects. She loved sketching and any craft activity, like making things out of paper. The other of her great interest is in sports. She has two brothers and no sister, so since childhood she has been playing with them, like hockey, cricket and badminton.  In school, she was always in her school sports team, participating in running, high jump, long jump, playing base ball and net ball.She works as book-illustrator. She has completed her BFA from National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan.  She got awards for many art-competitions including the first prize in Certificate of Merit in Arts from Lahore College for Women University. Her works have been exhibited in Gallery f National College of Arts and Alhamra Art Gallery in Lahore. She likes reading English classics, like Charles Dickens, and Jane Austin. She is also fond of history and often read what ever she gets to read on world history. She loves doing sewing and needle work, as this comes in craft work. She likes listening to eastern classical music and contemporary. She has also worked as free lance, assisting art teachers of elementary schools.