Poems by Kimberly Cunningham

Voicing It A voice of a song bird cannot be muted just because it’s storming. The song must be sung anyway.

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Resurrection by Nabanita Sengupta

  And it will all end today! With this very thought I broke down in sweat. My years of hard work, my effort to bring back humans on this earth, my desire to pluck fruits from a living tree – will all these go in vain?

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Editorial June 2020 Issue

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

  The world has always identified with heroes and villains. Heroes are glorified with good while villains are identified as being completely evil. When I think of heroes and villains I am reminded of Marvel and DC comics. Such heroes represent the kind of character we strive to attain inside ourselves. The villains in our… Continue reading Editorial June 2020 Issue

Upwardly Mobile by Abhijit Chaki

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

The corridors of Channel Ten were a hive of activity. Tapes to be edited, copy to be written and satellite uplinks to be coordinated all added up to one noisy work environment. Dev Menon enjoyed his bird’s eye view of the entire proceedings. Nothing like running against deadlines to pump up the adrenaline, he thought.… Continue reading Upwardly Mobile by Abhijit Chaki

Blue Desire by Lydia Sanders

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

The first time he noticed the young woman, she was in the park in the center of the next town over, floating past the duck pond with a bulging sack under one arm.

Grand Prize Game by Travis Turner

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

“For the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars and a trip to Montego Bay, name the popular children’s program that features a sassy monocle wearing black cat in a red sweater?”