So this guy goes on a vision quest to get in touch with his ancestors. He lives near the Superstition Mountains. He travels through the mountains and climbs towering plateaus, where he finally he finds a cave that he makes it his sanctuary and where he meditates for 40 days and nights. He does not eat or drink water for that amount of time.

On the dawn of the 41st day the spirit of one his ancestors appears to him. His ancestor is a War Chief. He says, “I come in the name of the living Master of the Universe. He is impressed with your valor and your determination to complete your vision quest. He therefore is going to grant you want ever you want. There are no restrictions. Speak my blood relative, what are your wishes?”

The young buck stands up and says, “Oh mighty War Chief, blood relative I am humbled by your presence. Here is what I wish for. One: A woman most worthy of my love. Two: A dwelling where I can have my children with the woman I love. Three: Money so that I can help my brothers and sister of all races whom the Lord of the Universe created.”

The Chief is impressed with the petitions the blood relative asks for. “It shall be as you wish.”

In a blinding white flash the chief disappears and what he leaves behind is steel suit case. The young man cannot believe it. He eagerly opens the suit case.

What does he find: One: A Barbie doll, Two: A two-story small Barbie town home. Three stacks and stacks of Monopoly money and a note.

It said “My, son; April fools!”


Vanishing Rider

Where are you Rider of Chaos?

Have the cosmos silenced your vocal testimony?

You speak volumes of the stark brutal truth.

Countless cycles of the galaxies born and dying have you witnessed.

But only a select few have listened to your voice and the songs you sung.

Now are you a mute witness; or are you still out in the vast wilderness of the cosmos?


Night Shadows & Delusions

Watch, listen, and pay attention.

What is in front of your eyes

may not be what you think it is.

Former shadows of antiquity appear, again.

Don’t fall for the false reflections.

Your mind will tell you they are true.

But your heart and soul know better.

The price you paid for believing has been very, very high.



Those seeking a boon from you deny them.

Cast them out of your abode.

If not the woes that came before you will seem like a walk in a rose garden.

The crown of golden glory you sought to wear is only fool’s gold.

The thorns of the real crown pierce your head and heart.

Hark, and take heed of this counsel given.


Monarch butterflies swirl around me.
One of them lands on my right palm.
For a few cosmic seconds it flutters its wings.
Counting a few nano seconds off the cosmic clock.
From the top of the pyramid of the sun I see the morning star.
I admire its beauty. In a moment of inspiration I make it
my personal sigil. Next my vision aligns itself with the life giving yellow orb that burns away the darkness of the night.
I Quetzalcoatl Lord of the Morning Star am home; at long last!

For five thousand years I have wandered around the world.
Exiled out of my Empire, by my brothers who betrayed me
I swore to return one day.
That day has come!
I am home at last.
Who I was. I am no longer!
Quetzalcoatl Lord of The Aztecs.


adolfoAdolfo Rico Jr.  was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the city. Was educated in their school system. Then went on to Jr. College at East Los Angeles Community College-transferred to Callifornia State University Los Angeles. He  worked for Edison International for 23 years as Material Handler. Now he is retired, for about 10 years. He has lived in Moreno Valley, CA. USA since 1987. He has over the last few years started to write again. He has written one solo book; co-authored a sword and sorcery trilogy in the making. The first book is out. It is called Shaman’s Enigma: To Deny the Fates; the other solo project is Tales of a Nomadic Story Teller. He still debating about returning back to college to finish his B.A. in English Lit. He already has an Associate in Arts in Liberal Studies. He writes for the love of it. If God grants his the opportunity to make a few dollars or pennies, here and there, well he considers himself blessed.