Editorial June 2020 Issue

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

  The world has always identified with heroes and villains. Heroes are glorified with good while villains are identified as being completely evil. When I think of heroes and villains I am reminded of Marvel and DC comics. Such heroes represent the kind of character we strive to attain inside ourselves. The villains in our… Continue reading Editorial June 2020 Issue

Poems by Andy Winter

breath [brɛθ] the uncensored echo flying back into body reminder to the bottom to come open each storm in the sheets / is cotton musk of boxers / is two fingers of slick / is cloud curtaining nape / is ridges of spine / is tautness crumpling into tissue becomes battlefield when he pumps bullets… Continue reading Poems by Andy Winter

Poem by Bhisma Upreti

Gratefulness   These eyes, look all the beautifulness of the world and enjoy with their colors.   These ears, listen the Mantra like great words from where the great words reach in the human heart touching the waves of sounds.   These legs, without exhaustion walk ups and downs, and reach the temple, school, and… Continue reading Poem by Bhisma Upreti

Three Days of One Death by Peter Haleas

Friday May 17, 2019 (Mizokuchi Junior High School, Tottori, Japan) This is from my journal on this day: The librarian Kousugi-sensei came into my empty classroom while I was reading and told me he heard sirens and the train screeching. . . I went outside and there were people standing outside by the single track,… Continue reading Three Days of One Death by Peter Haleas

Eternal by Gazi Tanzia/ Translated by Mahmud Hasan

1 How many of us, including myself? Fifty, sixty– is it even possible to count? And suicide? Thirty? Or more? What about the murders? We, who were abused, our protesting parents, siblings, our teachers! In the end, how many of us? I went there the other day. I had to. Everything around me was becoming increasingly toxic.… Continue reading Eternal by Gazi Tanzia/ Translated by Mahmud Hasan

  Tainted by Fayeza Hasanat

Fayeza Hasanat

                                                                                                              I Four of them were running up and down the stairs, chasing each other. They were playing in the roof top garden of a strange building. It looked strange because one… Continue reading   Tainted by Fayeza Hasanat

Sculptures by Sameena M Karim

  Sameena M Karim is an internationally renowned Bangladeshi sculptor. She completed her B.F.A and M.F.A in Sculpture from the University of Chittagong. She participated in many exhibitions in national and international level. She got BEST SCULPTURE AWARD from the DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS, CHITTAGONG UNIVERSITY. In her words she expressed her feelings about art,… Continue reading Sculptures by Sameena M Karim