Grand Prize Game by Travis Turner

Blue Oculus by Fahmina Israt

“For the grand prize of fifty thousand dollars and a trip to Montego Bay, name the popular children’s program that features a sassy monocle wearing black cat in a red sweater?”

Early Bird by Eve Lyons

              Joseph came here every morning, but he had never seen the hawk. Other clients had told him about it, but he had never seen it for himself. He was smoking a cigarette, waiting for his weekly therapist’s appointment, when something big and brown swooped down over his head and snatched a baby squirrel… Continue reading Early Bird by Eve Lyons

Everything by Joy Tea

  Sometimes I think I am a mountain that is churning and sometimes I think I am the sea rising.  The other day I was a cumulus cloud trying to impersonate a rain cloud pouring over the city, especially over the cat that refuses to come out of the house. I still don’t know who… Continue reading Everything by Joy Tea

The Gloomy Goddess of Uniqueness by Abdullah Al Muktadir

  I went on looking for the Goddess of Uniqueness nights after nights. At last, on the last day of our latest winter, I met her. She had been wandering along a lonely river and her eyes were no more shining like stars. So I started the conversation expressing my surprise regarding her extinguished eyes… Continue reading The Gloomy Goddess of Uniqueness by Abdullah Al Muktadir