autumn-2“J’aime tes vagues rouges”


I love your red waves

That illuminates the atmosphere

And widen my heart

The day is warm

In our love

Intense rays

Traverse all the walls

Yellow color explodes

In the fluid cathedral

To be

A skylight

Burning with life

A smile so deep

That the skin

Becomes iridescent

And to paint again

The sounds that arrive

From an emerald

Spurting into an ocean


A silky silence

glides onto the paper

the soul intrudes

and the words tremble

awakening angels

whose mouth

starts to blossom

light visions

of lived Beauty

rustle in my eyes

Since the Night of my Time

all this accumulated love

never evaporates

intensifying the miracle

I carry inside

the weight of happiness

in this instant resonates so strongly

that my tears flow

I close my eyes

to contemplate the depth

of my Ocean

I am aware of my wealth

each level

a gate of amplitude

of me in turmoil

and I still believe

This September sky

studded with precious drops

shines in an infinite height

gathering my prayer

It is in him

that I engrave my eternity.

“Le temps de ses yeux”

The time of his eyes

in the color of my words

the man who weaves

every fiber of the day

on my gliding thought

radiating in this love


this child of the sea


this girl of the earth

the sky

a pale blue


of a sweet silence

my dream

plotted as

a mauve star

from his elegance

when he laughs

he is my deliverance

when I cry

I am his transparence

I do not know

why I love him

but I know

that I do

he sings

like all of love


in the beauty of the world

yesterday and tomorrow

converge in an instant

this spring of our lives

purifies our existence

I rest in him

he bathes in me

we are connected

by a silken troth

whatever I touch

or sense

is designed

by his hands

whatever I understand

or breathe

is enlightened

by his soul

I do not know

why I love him

but I know

that I do

(Translated by Margaret Saine)

About the Poet

14794082_1208266139235263_1069869567_nLaura Mucelli Klemm was born in 1964 at Forbach in Lorraine, France, the child of Italian immigrants.  In addition to French, she has been writing poems in her native Italian.  After studying languages and literatures at the university of Nancy, she became a certified court translator and interpreter, and after further studies, a high school teacher of Italian.  Art and poetry are Laura Mucelli’s passions, beyond her teaching and translating, she has sung in choirs and been active in theater and folkloric ballet.  Her writing was originally a long, passionate introspection that she kept to herself, but she now participates in the movenent “Din-Animismo” created by Zairo Ferrante, and other groups of poets.  In 2013, she was translated into Russian and published in the journal Cypa, and into English, by Margaret Saine, in the California Poetry Journal, CQ.  In 2014 she has contributed to the Italian anthology  Oltre Itaca [Behond Ithaca] edited by Enrico Marco Cipollini.  In 2014 she will receive a prize about a poem she wrote about her father the miner, awarded by the Cenacolo accademico europeo « Poeti nella società » [Poets in Society]. She is now working on her first and second books of poems.

About the Translator

Margaret Sain is American poet and translator. contact: [email protected]