HAIBUN by Nishi Pulugurtha


The light blue sky turns dull and grey all of a sudden. Stillness around that disturbs. As it envelopes everything, there is a lull that haunts. The cawing of a crow on its way home breaks the silence for a while. It comes back again.

locked in stuck alone

like that doll that hangs left out

its eyes say – I’m ok


Little drops gently fall for a while. Small beads hanging here and there for a while. It seems to offer a respite from the sweltering heat that troubles in troubling times. No respite though as we remain stuck, isolated in uncertain times that disturb.

the droplets hang on

choosing things material

casting off hope love.

By Nishi Pulugurtha

Nishi Pulugurtha is an academic and writes on travel, film, short stories, poetry and on Alzheimer’s Disease. Her work has been published in various journals and magazines – The Statesman, Kolkata, Prosopisia, The Punch Magazine (forthcoming), Kitaab, Café Dissensus, Coldnoon, Queen Mob’s Tea House, The Bombay Review, Poethead, The Pangolin Review, MAD Asia Pacific, Prachya Review, The World Literature Blog, Borderless Journal, Tranquil Muse and Setu. She is the author of a monograph on Derozio (2010) and guest edited the June 2018 Issue of Café Dissensus She has a collection of essays on travel, Out in the Open (2019) and has edited a volume of essays on travel, Across and Beyond (2020). She is now working on her first volume of poems.

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