Darkness means there is light somewhere


14 years old lady came to me & asked `who is the artist?’
I was the 19 years old boy asked her `why are you looking for artist?
She said pointing to the three year old little princess `my niece had something to ask the artist’
Me, kneel down in front of the princess `yes mam what do you want to know? I’m the artist!’
princess asked, “why did you draw those ghost pictures?”

(November, 1989. Goethe Institute, Dhanmondi 2, Dhaka)

Ghost story is always popular in the village and towns. This is the kind of story which tells of life. Why? Do we love fear, Mystery, Gothic, horror or darkness! No! We want to be free from those but we don’t know how to go beyond the dark. Ghost story shows us the way to light. Typical Ghost story always has a happy ending. Victim or human finds someway to be free from the dreadful states which he/she describes as fear, mystery, gothic, horror or darkness inside him.

My reading, writings and paintings are the part of the journey to `know thy self’. I’m born in a land, I’m born in a time, and I’m born in a situation. I try to explore all of these and I want to share what I find. It’s fear and it’s the joy of humanity.

Humanity means Art. Human, who re-creates the womb or cave are called home. Life is the re-creating race of sperm towards egg. Only one sperm out of millions can reach to egg and where does rest of the sperms go to? It is like the complete failure, like surrounded with black-holes- where no way except dark, dark, and darkness are. So do my paintings! Modernity is the only hope of every one to reach to the humanity. I express the ray of hope of modernity along with humanity through my paintings

Nothing is impossible, I believe…

12 March 2018





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