I shut down sense screaming


to know him.

My eyes starless sockets;

cauliflower ears chocked, congested earth

lies unheard

ever unknown.

Conscientious proclivity;

brain salacious tool for overt sensory sullying.

No guilt to bluster up the brainwashed bannister;

to atrophy amorous.

Deconstruct desire to minute meaningless malign;

fucking joy before love is made.


I saw him with my tongue.

Flat, long, wet sweeps of salt,

tightening, shifting, spinning.

Light streaks flicking over raised bumps quivering;

bitter tang astringent.

Perceiving man.


Pheromones twisting tantalising


deeply drawing on his scent.

Sweat beads, sucking shallow breaths;

desire flaring hormones,

swelling sounds answering carnal craving.

Essence of man.


I heard his truth with my hands.

Soft fingertips painting over watermarks grown old,

thickly scarred.

New colours for contours,

caving against streaks of rust; nails scraping.

Hearing moans in muscles straining;

hips thrusting towards healing,

teasing, intimacy studied.

Base certified profoundly.


Paralysing power of self-awareness;

heightening hedonistic cognition,

escaping into the knowledge of



About the Poet

L T O’Rourke is a writer, poet and artist. She has published poetry and illustrations in numerous anthologies, including the Black Scat Review, New Urge Editions and The Ironic Fantastic. Her current projects include an erotica novella, thriller novel and a manuscript of her poetry and artwork. Her artwork can be purchased online at Fine Art America.