I sometimes wish,
I could take my memories,
And put them in a jar,
Stir them in with a bit of thought,
Watch them swirl in all their colors and hues.
The happy memories rise to the surface
Dancing at the top
And catching glimpses
Of times when I laughed
Or danced around the kitchen
Had a first kiss
Or met a new friend.
Then look at the middle
With the everyday memories,
Watching a sunrise,
Boredom in math class,
Waiting in the doctor’s office,
Biking to class.
Then seeing the heavy darkness
That writhes on the bottom of the jar,
All my failures,
Glaring at me from the murky depths,
Reminding me of my flaws.

If only I could just leave them in the bottom of the jar.
Hide them on a shelf to gather dust.
Rather than have to keep them in me.

About the Poet

rubiRuby Lucille Fink was born in Los Angeles, California, June 9th, 1992.  Daughter of actress Jane Sibbett and writer Karl Fink, she has been surrounded and in love with the process of writing and creating new worlds her whole life. She wrote and directed her first short film when she was twelve, and she won her high school film festival’s Best Screenplay award when she was fourteen for her sci-fi film, Trash Queen. Since she was seventeen Ruby has submitted most of her poems and stories to Teen Ink, an online magazine. Now twenty-three, Ruby is juggling two jobs, one of the writers for a Star Trek podcast called Shadows of Tyranny, and working on two novels and a three-part short film in her free time. Ruby studied Film Production at Chapman University’s Dodge College, with a minor in Narrative and Dramatic Literature.