Dusk in July, Cloudy from dawn, to noon to night
There outside my windows Darkness all over I see
Brick walled keys of piano Striking on their own

To compose a melodious piece of octaves
Thus, letting the feelings brim over….
Softly pressing the white notes, alas..!
Black notes rather my fingers prefer
Unknowingly, starting on the bass
Blinding the tears of grieving memories
Tunes which flow as purple drops of wistful and weepy eyes
Coming out are the laments of doomed hope
Where the soul bleeds the pain….
August hums,
Warm, light breeze sweeping over green meadows,
A handsome, brown-snake-eyed man, with a guitar in his arms..
Rusty strings, echoing a million of feelings,
Roaming, fancy free…
Velociously on the fret with fingers,
A sudden freeze, taken in,
Craving to perform a duet of life
No matter what lies ahead,
Joys and sorrows, along with adagios and accelerando and fortes
Piano Strings resonating along. With the tightened strings of guitar..
Baby, I guess it is better to have sharp than a flat,
And while I am at it, better yet, full with chords and beats too…
Maybe I should synchronize and be a little more like you..
Softly and lively…
Following those faint strains, caressing tenderly
A little bit of staccatos, all what we need right there..
Blessing wishful souls and longing hearts..
Ohhhh…My love, isn’t it a mesmerizing melody
We are playing together,
It is a melody of eternity
Evoking emotions from within…Soothing our souls…
A gift from God, Gentle guiding and healing of His rod
It’s all worth waiting for, to find an amazing soul like you
Mirroring my tastes, fantasies of music of love…
A thousand years I could spend with you
Amid your presence I have conquered all realms
Baby…My love for you will never fade…
With all our feelings combined,
Is how this euphony of love is composed.….!![tx_divider size=”24″]

About the Poet

unnamedYashodhara Embogama is a fourth year medical student from Srilanka , who has been working as a freelancer for websites, writing various articles specially the ones related to health, medicine, natural medicine, beauty tips, makeup and fashion and many more. She has also been working as a volunteer counselor and  a blogger.  She is very passionate about putting her thoughts and emotions into blacks and whites.