Illustration by Arpan Roy

Illustration by Arpan Roy


1) People of the nation of unhappiness eat the fruits of unhappiness, which grow everywhere throughout the country. The official language of the nation of unhappiness lacks the word ”happiness”. The unhappy people enjoy the fruits of unhappiness and obtain the vitamin of unhappiness.


Unhappiness fruit human being nation.



2) The other side launched a rocket, making a loud sound of explosion: the pieces of ground splintered: legs, hands, limbs, heads flew into the sky: everywhere there were blood: people were rushing in a panic: trees were also in tears. The explosion of rockets, guns filled the whole place. Legs, hands, limbs, heads flew into the sky. The ground with serious wounds was praying continuously that it would die as fast as it could.

The shells which ate blood and lives were cast into Buddha images and worshipped. The shells of guns are still showing their utility as flower pots.

Afterwards rockets and shells fell with loud noise, breaking the ground into pieces.


3) A party of international healthcare was preparing to cure a war victim who escaped from the danger of war. They did not understand his language. He spoke not much. His voice was faint and weak like that of a wounded animal. The doctors scanned his brain before operating on him.

There, in his head, are over 60 years’ sound of rockets and shells. The doctors closed their ears in shock. They feared hearing the heartbeat of the citizen of the nation of unhappiness.


4) Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that clouds are not beautiful. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that there is no development in your milieu. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that those who exploit others are wealthy. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that the guy you don’t like is now the head of your quarter. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that you have no car, but there is a high percentage that you can be hit by a car daily. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that your head is burning for your children’s school fee. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom if you have to wait for the time of death because you can’t afford medical charge in the hospital. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for the fact that there are many people like you. Please keep calm with patience and wisdom for everything.


5) The liquid of betel dropped on to the road. The driver who spat drove ahead indifferently. The road was stained red. This road was occasionally stained red. In the history book red shines so brightly that I can’t bear. I have to close my eyes because red dazzles me much. I have to close my ears because screams and cries are so noisy. The historic human beings in the book are alive in the book, at the same time they guide their followers outside.

Close this book. Then burn it for the sake of the posterity’s happiness.


6) When the fruits of unhappiness were exported, they sold good because they were so cheap, available as much as one wants. The fruits always obey the command. They never say no. The neighbor countries, therefore, buy and consume the fruits of unhappiness in bulk. Then they export their cheap products to the nation of unhappiness, adding profit margin. Raw materials come from them. That is why the neighbor countries love the old guys of the nation of unhappiness so much. They give those guys medals for their product – little human beings of unhappiness. In this age the little men of unhappiness become the very precious products of the world. It is only a few countries in the world that can produce such little men, isn’t it?

The fruits of unhappiness! Do stand in line!


7)  Saying “Mingalabar, nation of unhappiness”, they come. Our land is called virgin soil because she is fertile and a proper place for doing business. It means parkin (virginity). They come to fuck the virgin. Even airplanes are crammed with them. They, without consulting a fortuneteller, know well that they can play silly games with the little men of unhappiness as they like. Now they are here for the virgins of unhappiness. The virgins of unhappiness can set the price as they like. Mingalarbar. Do come in.


8) Sure. The little human beings of unhappiness, like the animated pictures, are acting awkwardly. All these pictures are given injection. They become bigger and heavier. And they can’t move. The fruits become bigger. The trees become bigger. The sky of unhappiness becomes wider. The men climb the trees: the trees climb the men. The complexity becomes greater. The things unknown to us are on this stage now, similarly the repeated plots too are used again and again. The little young man of unhappiness asks from the stage.

“Hey, buddy! Where are you now?”



About the Author

moe-thet-hanMoe Thet Han was born in Yangon in 1982. He is a writer and translator. He translated the novels of international contemporary writers; Haruki Murakami, Michel Houllebecq and Ben Okri. He is the author of a novel Fake World, Fake Sky and three collections of stories I think, therefore there is not Descarte, Life Sentence, The Nation of Unhappiness. He participated in the International Recollet de Paris Artist in Residency Program in 2010.


About the Translator 

ke-su-tharKè Su Thar was born in 1965. He had to leave from school in his childhood. And he tried to educate himself thorough hardships, working as a carpenter.