Illustration by Arpan Roy


At the riverbank,

I was praying to my God, floundering

for our unification.


On the levee across

she was yearning for me

beseeching the God of her own.


The lone boatman

rowing along the river, was

a fellow of a different God.


About My Mother


You got me trapped,

How can I define my mother?


If, was asked about myself

I would tell easily that

the impudent character of

the news you read every morning is me.

The giant metaphor that resides in your poetry, and

keeps gossiping against you is me.

And the crime-hero

being processed through the factory of politics is me.


The illegal businesses of which you never know,

the endless lies that you believe without a trace of doubt,

the eyes of greediness wider than the sky,

the heights of arrogance taller than the Mount Everest,

those stubborn minds that are wholly unaware about liability

and the humanity that keeps laughing sitting on the corpse of feelings,

ALL are me.


You should not have asked, but

as you asked me;

I can tell you

only a sentence that

I was the gentlest person in my life

till I was with my mother.


When you come


Jumping over the edges of my eyes

without invitation

you come closer to me

skip on the terraces of my heart

and hop across the plains of my mind.


I wonder, when did I relinquish

each and every apartment of my feelings to you!

And now, you are occupying it unhesitatingly.


You come flowing inside the breeze invisibly

and return making me wet like rains do.

Sometimes, you come being a dream under sweet slumbers

you create whirlpool from heart to mind, at times.


Whenever you come

in whatever way you come

every time,  you return reigning over me

leaving me floundering.


I never get to know

whether it is a joy

or a pain.



I would keep caressing

the scratch of your touch,

would keep fondling the unseen bruise

that your lips create on my heart.


Please come,

keep coming in the same way, my love!

if I go insane someday,

be sure, I will take all the blame for that

on myself.


(Translated from Nepali by Suman Pokhrel)

About the Poet

14625707_1081364218598505_318325067_oDhiraj Rai, from Nepal, is a young and emerging poet vigorously contributing his effort to poetry. Some of his works have been published in national literary journals and webzines. And he has been participated and recited his poem in SAARC Literature Festival 2015 organized by Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature. He would like to call himself a ‘poetry seeker or practitioner’ walking with ‘poetic heart’. He also has keen interest in story writing.

Contact: [email protected]

@yakduhangDhiraj (twitter)


About the Translator

suman pokhSuman Pokhrel (born on September 21, 1967) is a multilingual Nepali poet, lyricist, translator and an artist. Many of his works have been translated into English and are published and acclaimed internationally. Author of three collections of poems in Nepali, he won the prestigious “SAARC Literary Award” given by the Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature twice. He is considered as one of the most important creative voices of South Asia. His poems revolve around the nuances of life. The play around his choice of words creates magic in the minds of his readers. English translations of  his literary works are widely published in journals and anthologies globally,  including Snow Jewel, USA; Life and Legends, USA; Song We Share, South Asia; Sweet and Sour Dreams, South Asia; Global Poetry, Learning & Creativity  and in different volumes of Beyond Borders, South Asia; and Art of Being Human, Canada.