What is it like? by Anika Shah

What is it like

Like I can’t breathe Like the air doesn’t reach my lungs Like the lump in my throat chokes me Like my heart is buried under a mountain

Mayhem In The Mangroves by Tasnima Yasmin

Mayhem In The Mangroves

I (This is a narrative poem in four parts written from the perspective of a long- term resident of the Sundarbans whose livelihood is wrecked by the recent Cyclone Amphan. In the time of an ongoing pandemic it is a calamity upon a calamity.) I grabbed the rope,As I neared the shore,And threw its working… Continue reading Mayhem In The Mangroves by Tasnima Yasmin

This Life by Peycho Kanev

I put my heart into my mother’s coffin and now it throbs under the ground. All the letters I sent to my first love returned unread in my mailbox

Living flame —or— How it feels to be on fire and Coronation by Roy Duffield

Living flame —or— How it feels to be on fire I resemble you              like one   resembles one billion.               We both move                        and breathe                                grow                        and eat                                fuck

The Hip-Hop Dance  by YI JUNG CHEN

Popping, Locking, Boogaloo, you do the Kris Kross movement in front of me, showing your talents in raps, protests the marginalized status you’re in.

HAIBUN by Nishi Pulugurtha

  The light blue sky turns dull and grey all of a sudden. Stillness around that disturbs. As it envelopes everything, there is a lull that haunts. The cawing of a crow on its way home breaks the silence for a while. It comes back again.