Illustration by Arpan Roy



Nothing handy

Or handsome

To buoy up

What’s left of us

No healing pill

For our hearts

Casted out

Of our parent soil

For reason

Hanging in the air


About the Poet

Abdulhafeez Taiye Oyewole is a Nigerian poet. He’s an author of a collection of poetry titled “Tides of Verses (2015). His works have appeared on SPIC’s We Cry for Peace (Poetry anthology), Echoes of Daura (Poetry anthology), Herald Newspapers, Ar-Risalah Magazine and so on. He co-edited a poetry collection entitled “World at Ease (2014)”. He’s the formal Editor-in-Chief of Pen Club of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria and current Editor of Clarion Focus, a newsletter of Iwo Corpers.