Illustration by Arpan Roy

The death of water

Water won’t die
Only its brightness dies
In the Sunrise

This is why Sunrise is so special
Because with hunger intermingles many colors,
Through the surprising death of water

Together with the scent and feet of death


(translated from Albanian by Peter Tase)


About the Poet

alisa-velaj-e1468912477913Alisa Velaj was born in the southern port town of Vlora, Albania in 1982. She has been shortlisted for the annual international Erbacce-Press Poetry Award in UK in June 2014. She was also shortlisted for the Aquillrelle Publishing Contest 3 in January 2015 and was the first runner up in this contest. Velaj’s full length book of poetry A Gospel of Light is published by Aquillrellle in June 2015. Her  works have appeared in a number of print and online international magazines, including: Blue Lyra Review (USA), The Cannon’s Mouth (UK), The Missing Slate (UK), The Midnight Diner (USA), Poetica (USA), Time of Singing (USA 2014 and 2015), Canto (USA), Enhance (USA), Ann Arbor Review (USA) The French Literary Review (UK),SpeedPoets (Australia), , Erbacce (UK), FourW twenty-five Anthology (Australia), Poetry Super Highway (USA), Knot Magazine (USA Winter 2014 and Fall 2015), The Otter (USA), The Journal (UK), Phenomenal Literature (New Delhi, India), Spark (India),  The Atherton Review (USA), Indiana Voice Journal (USA), A New Ulster (UK), Section8Magazine (USA), LUMMOX Poetry Anthology 3 and 4 (USA), Miele 1110 (Belgium), WritingRawPoetry  (USA), Three And A Half Point 9 (UK), Cafe Dissensus Everyday (USA),  Anthology by Mago Books. (USA), The Dallas Review (USA),  See Spot Run Magazine (USA), Eunoia Review (USA), The Creative Mind (Australia) Angry Manifesto (UK), The Linnet’s Wings (UK), The Poetry Shed  (UK), Poetry Scotland (UK), The Write Angle (UK), Reflections (UK), Blink Ink (USA), Of/with Journal (USA), Harbinger Asylum  (USA), Clockwise Cat (USA), Stanzas (UK), Cambridge Creatives (UK), Coldnoon Journal (India) , East Coast Ink Magazine (USA), Duane’s PoeTree (USA), Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada), 1947 Literary Magazine (USA), 63 Channels Magazine (USA), Free Lit Magazine (Canada), The Syzygy Poetry Journal (USA),   and Aquillrelle Magazine (Belgium). She also has poems to publish in the forthcoming issues of The Seventh Quarry, (UK) and Envoi Magazine (UK).