A yellow hue crept under my eyelids,

Formatting my sight, tuning my ears,

A repetition of blinks, before I stretch and sit,

Another arid day wishing to just disappear,


The blandness of the Day,

An agonizing Eternity,

Unvarying in its sway,

Of a prosaic reality,


Retreating to the comforts of these walls,

I lay in the warmth of the darkness,

Sinking into my breaths as I fall,

Within a snap, I emerged again from the blankness,


No hope or dreams,

Neither fears nor nightmares,

A nugatory existence is deemed,

A symmetrical consciousness declared.


There is nothing I yearn, none I desire,

Stagnant waters that extinguish every fire,

Formless and invisible, a Life too dire,

The World will never change even if I expire.


Fariq Yusoff has been working for over 4 years in an advertising/production company. But his passion is in writing poetry and musical lyrics, as well as skateboarding and playing football on the weekends. An avid traveller, Fariq finds inspiration for his writing from nature and different cultures he visited. He believes in a world of sharing. Be it in material items or even experiences. This belief has set him on a path of gratitude, kindness and an imploding feeling of oneness with everything. Writing to simply share his thoughts and feelings with people of the world. Recently, his thought-provoking piece,’ The Reflection’ was published on See a reflection of yourself within these intimate pieces.