Illustration by Arpan Roy

Illustration by Arpan Roy

 Fading Away….

It symbolizes sadness, they say
But I’ve never seen such a beauty in decay
Remains of summer, still smouldering
They cling there, on the branches
And see the world turning gray

Greyish mist smothers the ground
Breathe it in and allow it to fill your lungs
The entire world seems still
And the fear of winter in your heart fills

Only for a moment,
When the lights fade
And we return to darkness again
The leaves seem to be changing their colour

The abundant, but redundant season
Ushering like winters
Like a hearty snack before the big meal
Just giving a taste of what is to come
Beautiful, but transient

Leaves dying and falling off
Soft and first, then hardening, dry and fragile
Sunlight fading and turning red
It’s all beautiful, but transient

The light fades, as a call of autumn
The harvest ends as the winds go wayward
The moon comes up, bringing the night with itself
As time rushes forward, into the arms of sleep

The song of the birds begins to fade
And the whispering breeze would soon turn into a lion’s roar
The white lands, we shall soon see
The pendulum swings and the wheel waits for the winter’s passage

Watch the days disappear
Feel the air getting colder
See the world getting darker
Memories of lying on the grass
with closed eyes are fading away

The warmth is gone,
And so has the sunshine
See the world becoming a different place
Something darker, something colder

About the Poet

10540863_745525875505223_3219632756327350176_nGulraj Singh Bedi, 22 years old, A student of Indian Institute of Mass Communication. An ardent political thinker and a poet. I believe that every coin has got two sides. It is really important for all of us as individuals and moreover as responsible citizens of the society and our country to raise our voice against something we deem is not appropriate. Governments, have their own policies, their own agendas, but at the end of the day, it is the individual who matters.