To My Far Away Sister


Every evening I wait for our meeting .

You are so far and same time so close;

I think I can hear Your voice and Your laugh ;

We can praise to days technology for this wonder ;

The twenty first century gave us this chance ;

To find each other and be together.


To be together in our thoughts, spirit and prayers;

To care  and support each other;

I shamelessly say, “I love You my sister!

And care about You much” .


Lost soul!


Little  Soul woke up

After  Long sleep slept;

Desperate  longing for eternal living

She went looking for her place

in the world. Strange unknown

But very soon the little soul

To the  understanding came

That no one needed her

It has seen its place, it was closed

Bright, well-dressed together;

Go away, what you want;

We do not need you here

You are only burden,

go away and disappear

Intelligence getting rid of her  sharply


It sought its place little soul

There, where everything  simple and human

Hand and black blistered hands of workers

Tired, weired  in the  the air:

Let us t in peace, go away

and newer come back

We have our  own drones-  enough!


Stop the soul in the busy  crowd

Searching for friends;

Indifferent iced faces

quietly slipped pass

Although floods, even a storm;

it’s not concern of mine;

go away ,We don’t need You


Soul was embarrassed, went quietly

Nowhere did not she fitted in

Like a lost leave

between heaven and earth

rocked  little soul so hopeless;


Joy and funny;

Love, happiness;

Sincerity, friendship;


Was extinct dinosaurs nowadays


Embarrassed and distraught

Soul sadly cuddled  up

As the kitten in the basket

She went back to solitude

Desiring to fell in lethargic sleep

Chanting quietly by herself

“I want ,want.want

Never ever  be  here! ”


About the Poet

ingnInguna Brazil, born in 1964 in former soviet Latvia . Emigrated to Ireland in 2001. Married, mother of two daughters one of them, youngest , is very special needs child ,needed care 24/7 . She is her priority. Inguna is published author. She has published one book in English, one in Latvian. Soon two more books are coming, one in a co -project, her works together with another Latvian authors.