Silver fans. Light blueflakes. The body lies naked on the mattress.

Someone knocks on the door.

A shadow.

He approaches slowly.He does not dare turn the key.

It’s the stranger knocking.

Silence. No one talks. The key turns.


Red moon. The dog in the yard masturbates over a dead rat.

He is touching his belly button. The mattress is damp. Full of promises.

The bark.

The sound of drowning.

On the mattress two bodies moving in rhythm.

A bit of cold scratches the window.


Astra. Dim-light. A sound forgotten from before.

The dog dead by the mattress.

Two bodies in the yard.

The door is open. There is no key anymore.  The rat reigns on the asphalt.


Two bodies. Dead. Dead sound. Dead moon.

The star had escaped.

On the asphalt half eaten key.

A dog asleep by the rug.


( The entrance is locked.)


There are no dead anymore

There is no moon anymore

There is no story.


The light spoils the room. The window succumbs to thedecay.

Words break.

The poem has just finished.


What will  become of the poet now?


(Translation by Chryssa Polyzou)


About the Poet 


Konstantinos Karagiannopoulos was born in Karpenisi (Greece). He is journalist and literary critic.

ChryssaPolyzou was born in Piraeus and has studied Greek Literature and Philosophy with orientation in linguistics and modern Greek literature in the Athenian University. She teaches ancient and modern Greek in secondary education. A Poetry enthusiast she writes poetry and also runs the blog: where she has been translating in English modern Greek poets. Some of her poems as well as some of her translations have been published in Greek  literary magazines.