I see

neither a ship nor a sea!

Only the murmuring sound awakens me

from the deep of my dauntless dream!

The bird of paradise blooms time and again;

the sacred serpent comes and goes back!

As I lost my watch thousand nights before-

It’s now uncertain to find the certain date

when I was filled in full

with nothing but some venom…



About the Poet:



Maharuba Nisha is a poet from Bangladesh. Many of her writings have been published in the literary pages of Daily newspaper and also in online portals. In 2005, her first children’s story book  Megher Putul (Cloud’s Doll) was published by Bangladesh Shishu Academy. At present, she has six published books from different publishers. Besides writing, she is well active in painting, singing, reciting, dancing and acting and also awarded for these events both nationally and internationally. Recently she has started her career as teacher in Jessore English School & College. Her contact: [email protected]