Runu, a keen blown ray;

after all the amortise,

got come to my yard,

tried me to smear with warmth.

Said, ‘Come on! Book your ticket for Kolkata.’

I couldn’t say her even;

my feet can go sheerly to the end of the Gali,

where anyone left his inamorata,

in fear of lost in a maze!

Nevertheless, Runu promised me-

with her adorable words

to take refuge in an unknown city-

our dear secret.

The breach is all mine,

and now I become shrink within me

seeing those known cubits in other’s folds.

I can’t take me off the innocence.

Though knowing,

Runu’s having her nightmares,

to be longed for someone else.

And me-

want a dream of buying Mother India,

with all those money with my penniless pocket.


(Originally written in Bengali. Translated by Dalton Souvato Heera)


About the Poet:

12036364_538856752937014_4546894405189091786_nSaadi Kawkab is a Bangladeshi poet. He is prolific, mysterious and sometimes misogynistic.






About the Translator:

daltonDalton Souvato Heera is a poet, translator, political activist, researcher, and to some people he is sexist and misogynist. He loves to lead a secret life and refuses to meet people.