Born Sick


I didn’t see how the fighter fish killed other fishes and ate them up in the aquarium.

There was a pencil sketch of three fishes on the wall.

A fish among those came out successfully from the whirling motion.


It was all about Ajanta circus’s acrobat who walks on the rope.


It was all about the Harkata Gali girl sat in front of a door putting headphone in ear.


While I was walking along with people, I was so curious to listen which song that girl was playing!


Most nice things about someone are his or her guise! So when you praise someone saying “you are so nice!” That means you are fine with pretending!


You might be curious about the sexual preference! Isn’t it so personal to talk about? You must know, there are people- straight, gay, lesbo, bi and don’t forget about the asexuals. Remember, they are the real lonely minority but they exist in your world of obsession!


Fishes don’t need to take shower.

No need of water for them even…


About the Poet


Shafinur Shafin, Bangladeshi poet and writer.