In her eyes
I see a fractured sky
Mirroring the clouds of mine

Head off
The shadow heading to his body
Found himself in the headlines


Silent trees,silenter fruits
Often ask each other name
Through the silentest flowers



“Oh! It was you!”
The mirror betrayed her
Someone stepped out and confirmed her:
“Yeah! It was you.”


Mirror! Mirror!! Mirror!!!
Horror! Horror!! Horror!!!
The show is off for ever
After a deadly scene!


On a special discount
The open market sells A Doll’s House
She is still short of some ‘changes’


Out of the story she became old:
She had a little plot
Still untold


Making love

I found in her eyes
a blind guy looking for his white stick lost with mine



In a living graffiti on the dark
He found his head writing in bliss

The rest of the body Rests In Peace



On her shadow I kissed twice
One for her deadly two eyes
One for her for leaving me blind



On her body
I painted my death
She conceived it lively



Time flys
On her lips
A fly kisses to immortality



A midsummer tree praying for winter
Leaves continue to fan her
Until they fall on her feet



In the day of
Exchanging mirrors
You had hidden your face somewhere else


Summer goes spiral
A facebooker posted it
In her cool status


Shuhrid Shahidullah started his poetic career in the new millennium with publication of his first book of poems from Kolkata, India. Until now he has five collections of poems to his credit. Though Bengali is his main language but he also writes in English. His poems have been published in French and German translation. Shuhrid translates regularly from the works of world literature. His major translation into Bengali is Letters to A Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. Lately, he has translated and published a dossier on the ‘90s generation of Romanian poets along with other European contemporary poets. Shirdanra (Backbone), a little magazine he co-edits, has become an influential platform for the young and avant-garde writers in Bangladesh. Currently he is also engaged with La Traductière, a Paris-based literature magazine, as an Associate Editor.

His current poetic projects include translation of ‘The House Made of Razor Blades’, a poetry book by French poet Linda Maria Baros. The book won ‘Guillaume Apollinaire Prize’ in 2007. The book will be published in Bengali in Ekushe Books Fair 2017 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.