I let it fly away


I had a beautiful white balloon once
many others before it, had I held
but never had I anything so perfect in my life.
It was precisely what I had wanted from long
For the first time, I could decorate is as I liked
It was bigger than what I had hoped for and I liked it that way.
It filled my life with joy exactly as it should have

but such things seldom last till the end of time
People would come from far to see it.
I would show it off with glee
It was a lovely thing to have
But I let it fly away.

They had told me that the wind was dangerous.
They had warned me of its ugliness
A part of me didn’t want to believe them
An element in me wanted to know what it would be

to have my hands free

I wasn’t tired of holding my balloon,

All I wanted was to know about the other side

Didn’t pay much attention to the cautions and
I let my balloon fly away.


About the Poet

sunayna palSunayna Pal, born and brought up in Mumbai and moved to USA after marriage. She has PG degrees from XLRI and Annamalai University and worked in the Corporate World for five odd years. She quit it in 2009 and embarked on her heart’s pursuits. She started “Art with Sunayna” (artwithsunayna.wordpress.com) to teach and sell art for NGOs. She is also a certified handwriting analyst (sos4graphology.com) who helps everyone to understand themselves better by using a mix of graphotherapy, healing and affirmations. In midst of all this and being a home maker, gardener and photographer, she also finds the time to write and actually loves to write from her daily life experiences. Sunayna was the Mumbai reporter for Evergreen Magazine. Many of her articles have been published in TOI, New woman, Women’s era and she is a proud contributor at many other e-magazines and sites. Many of her short stories and poems are published in anthologies like “Mighty Thoughts,” “The second Life,” “Memoirs of Love,” “Rhymes and Rhythm,” “Voice of Little Hearts,” and few are published in international anthologies like “Nepal – An awakening”, The collaborative’s Omnibus and Soaring High. In her little spare time, she also maintains a blog at mannkiwindow.wordpress.com and can be contacted at [email protected] She is currently writing a novel of 51 stories of people who are of South Asian origin and have an experience to share of USA.