The Three Stones


When I feel alone

I remember back to my childhood days

And those Three Stones1.


Touched by the water

At the river bank

Those stones have been standing by ages

Near Manakamana Temple2.


My mother said

Arun3 river never

Crosses their height

Because they are placed by Lord Shiva

To cook food for him.


When I feel disappeared,

I just remember back to my childhood days

And those three stones

Near Manakamana temple.


Since the day I met you,

I aim to place

The kind of Three Stones for my own

To compare if time has changed than that of Lord Shiva’s

Or it is still the same.


But before that

You must choose

It be me

Or a myth

To be heard with you.


  1. The three stones denoting traditional furnaces.
  2. Manakamana means fulfillment of wish in Nepali. The temple believed to have power for wish.
  3. A river of eastern Nepal, that comes all the way from Tibet.



About the Poet

Suraj Subedi, a young poet from Nepal loves to meditative with his words. His works including poems, art reviews and translations are published in all major webzines of Nepal. He has also won gold medel in National Youth Poetry Competition. He holds masters degree in English Literature.