Have you ever held up a flashlight

Behind the webbing in your fingers

Seen the light come through

Like looking into your bloody flesh?


I once opened my knee with a machete

But it was white and yellow inside

Before the incarnadine color flooded in

And I had to be carried back to the house


The doctor sewed the ligament

Like strumming the chords of my body

Nails on the chalkboard, operation game buzzing

Touching the electric fence


Some colors aren’t meant to be seen




Your body

Is where you gather

Heavy metals

To deposit

In a grassy expanse




Life is a war

Your body will fight

Even if you’re a pacifist


The bacteria and viruses

Can’t be reasoned with

At the bottom it is murder

But not premeditated

Not mediated at all


How can we talk peace

While we are, every moment

Containing a never ending massacre?




About the Poet

Shane Guthrie’s poetry has been alternatively called ‘devastating, humorous, radioactive and amusingly domestic’. Popular topics include: Dealing with Low Self-Esteem, Amusing anecdotes about childhood, why love is really actually pretty hard, why love is really actually pretty great. He resides in Duvall, Washington with his wonderful wife and two great kids.