Court of Crows


Town belongs to the crows. The skies also…

We’re imprisoned to them

as we’ve axed the old banyan tree

in front of our house.


Tomorrow is our judgment day…

and it’s in their Court!


The verdict has just come out.

The crow who lived there, has won.

I’m punished with the plantation of two saplings

along with joint crow pecks!


I’ve already planted the trees…

but, believe me, I’m escaped of the pecks!


You know,

when you live together

you can’t follow the Court every time.


Even Crows & Birds also know that…





Other side of the tunnel,

where the girl flirts the passersby to sell flowers,

I want her tonight.

Bring some vintage wine,

she’ll read Ghalib today.


In the soft smoky night –

I’ll enjoy hookah in the bar…

each time when she finishes one

I’ll throw grapes & grazes at her

even when Mr. Ghalib is sitting right beside me!


This year the valley is smiling with flowers…

why don’t you put one black rose

behind her ear

and cool her with the aroma of Chinar leaves?

Come on man! It’s a mehfil after all!


I’ve asked Ghalib Sahib

to stay back for few days more…





Abhijit Bera is an Indian poet and writer. Two major poetry publications, “The Dead Funeral” (2012) and “Carnival Birds” (2016) both in Bengali. He has also made a short film titled “Pipe Dreamz”(2014). A graduate in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute Of Technology,Nagpur,India and presently works as a Civil Servant.