Like a connoisseur

revamping a Bard’s manuscript,

Let me edit

the scribbles of your he(art),

the riddles of your inactions,

the incoherences of your trust,

with the staunch elements of love.

let me modify you

with metaphors of commitment,

symbols of credence,

punctuations of passion,

till you evolve into a poem

spurring forth meaning.





Shield your conscience,  shield it well,

before thoughts of letch   begins to flirt

with the nucleus of your   exuberance.


Today, we visited Eros’ aphrodisiac temple

where  Eve’s luscious apples

are sold for dollars of ciphers


There, tits, curves & loins of various

geometries evangelized

to the hedonistic desires of  men


Lo! When our sights came across an evangelist,

We held our crucifix, we knelt to pray,

We uttered, “Let this cup pass us over”


But the cup never passed.

Alas! We are no longer celibates.



About the Poet

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Ajise Vincent is a Nigerian Poet. His poem “Song of a Progeny” was a shortlisted poem at the Korea- Nigeria Poetry feast, 2015. His works have been published in London grip magazine, Kalahari Review, Sakonfa literary magazine, AfricanWriter, Indian periodical, Social Justice Poetry, I Am Not a Silent Poet, Afrikana ng, Poetry Pacific, Jalada Africa,The Poet Community,  Whispers,  Commonline Journal, Poetry Life & Times, NovelAfrique, Madswirl, Black Boy Review, Tuck Magazine and various literary outlets. He is currently finishing up a major in Economics at the University.