Scientific Faith

Does antimatter matter?

I would think it does.

The symmetrically perfect

Illusion lasts.

Matter is the canvas

That antimatter mirrors

To annihilate at a  given place and time.

Perhaps there is anti- me

Which theoretically could be.

Just at the closer encounter

We would blast into babble of energy.

Why then is the undefined universe-

Mostly consisting of matter

Stubbornly unsymmetrical?

Could it be

That in pursuing antimatter

Science is pursuing evidence of the Higher Being?

From here to there

Sorting times

moving tapes

disturbingly young

 Madame   Tussaud

missed my beauty

and i

   need to  face

yet another change.

I would love to submerge

in plushy quietness

of the night

i still belong

but when the morning comes

i will  pack  few more things

into  a  travel  bag

and go.

Bea Litherland graduated in Anthropology.She lived in London from 1998 to 2004. During this time she worked as freelance interpreter and read Philosophy at  Hertfordshire University.
From 2004  to 2008 she lived in Ho Chi Ming City. While there she explored the Far East. Among other places she had the opportunity  of visiting Tibet and found herself heavily influenced by the place and Tibetan people. Bea published a book of poetry: Fear After and  her personal memoir of traveling to The Roof of the world ; Tibet my dream. At present Bea lives in Muscat, Oman with her husband Chris and son Joshua . She  works on the film script and children book.