Ooh, dear, I’d forgotten the aroma carried by a Armenian “marchandea’, and the Tuzuk bai with their longed hoofed ponytail heres over!I bet, didn’t sell them to “Chadnichak,” hadn’t made them with resin and amber.

but cruel dear.

‘am hateful to you the poet…


cause I’m alone, alone alongside.

and you should not mess with a habsee ghulam.


Don’t make me petite!

show some dignity towards these trivial,


My AHEDEE flocks shouldn’t be flogged all through ages.


It’s time to revolt.

It’s time to love.


Cause we can cry,which you can’t SHAHJADEE


I Started Writing my Poems


Taking away all the pens,

pencils and hills; the old

ugly Nazi said me to write..

to write a poem.


Had given a rifle, made by

Yagin Stutzre044 though..

Naked it’s bayonet and

the cliff,and the brim it’d,

I owed some blood,cold

and shabby from my heart,

mining it deep and deeper

I started writing my poems.


About the Poet

daltonDalton Souvato Heera, Bangladeshi poet.