A Secret Revealed


 They asked who you were

 But I didn’t know;

 A classical beauty

 Sculpted in white

 Looking down

 Over the pool.


 For a while we swapped

 Names of ancient gods

 Half remembered

 From school days,

 But there was no agreement;

 The sun burned


 Until everyone

 Entered the water

 To cool off;

 Then a bather

 Hurled a beach ball

 Accidentally striking you


 So you spun around

 As if in disgust

 At your secret revealed;

 A heavenly body

 Made of plastic

 Like everything else today.





The priest smiled lifting his eyes

 As if witnessing the event,

 ‘They must have seen

 The soles of his feet rising’

 He remarked, ‘and thought

 That’s it then,

 But it wasn’t’.


‘Life isn’t simple

 For most of us,

 There’s always

 Something or other

 To complicate matters,

 Some follow up action

 We need to take.


 People don’t disappear

 Into clouds

 For no reason,

 The challenges

 Are to discover

 What he meant

 And why he went’.


Clouds of Existence


 She tells you what the weather was

 During the night, when you were asleep,

 What time it rained and when it stopped,

 The wind conditions snow and hail,

 Or warmer spells, the raised temperature

 And for how long, when it thundered,

 When there was lightning,

 Where it struck and how many times;

 She can tell you all this

 Although she says she sleeps well.


 So you think maybe she dreamt it all

 But you dare not whisper so,

 She has an answer for everything

 And she knows the difference

 Between dreams and storms,

 Between fantasies and heatwaves,

 She remembers every vision,

 Every ecstasy, every nightmare,

 She recounts them in detail

 Seeking your interpretation.


 But you just listen silently

 For your sleep is a heavy blanket

 Of anaesthetic darkness

 Smothering all recollection,

 Undisturbed by weather conditions

 And your dreams are brief,

 Best not spoken of in polite company;

 Unlike her you are not amongst those

 Who have access to higher worlds

 Who pierce the very clouds of existence.




David Subacchi lives in Wales (UK) where he was born of Italian roots. He studied at the University of Liverpool. He has four published collections of his English Language poetry and one in Welsh.

You can find out more about David at https://www.writeoutloud.net/profiles/davidsubacchi

or simply by searching online for DAVID SUBACCHI.