The wood consumes itself

in a fatigue of ashes

not the light


I am what you are

not dust anymore


Light of light, the fire






I bear you within, it’s true. As years go by, your presence has shared the bread of its dominion; the sole reading, the unique spelling of its constellations. I bear you within the walls of my flesh; you are the space where the particles that conform the feeling I am move by, the clumsy luck of being a rag or a humble, unknown lounge lamp


I find grotesque crumbs of the dream you are at each centimeter of thought, and even though it’s delightful to tame hurricanes on the palm of my hand, and in even when there are days that leave ashes in the passages of the calendar, your face shines in the center of my bedroom like a midday, forever trapped between two hours





Every day I escape

towards nothingness


a cry of light

an origin of rust

the air is a red crystal

faded into a couple of moons

(two extended hands)


before the new enigma

I am the nested bird

in the curvature of silence






Fernando Carrera was born in Guadalajara, México on 1983. He is the author of the poetry collections “Fire Expression” (Mantis Editors-Jalisco Culture Ministry, 2007) and “Where the touch is” (ICA-Conaculta, 2011; “Là où le toucher/ Donde el tacto” secondbilingualedition, Mantis Editores-Écrits des Forges, 2015). He received the National Literary Prize for Young Writers on 2010. He received honorary mentions in the “Efraín Huerta” National Poetry Prize on 2006, and in the“NicolásGuillén” International Poetry Prize in 2009. He had received twice the Grant of the Program for Encouragement for Creation and Artistic Development, of the Mexican National Council for Arts and Culture on the periods 2008-2009 and 2010-2011. Books and poems of his authorship have been translated to French, English and Albanian. Poems from his books have been published in several national and international literary and specializedpublications, printed and on-line.