At the end of a blue giant’s life, an alien and a spaceman migrate to an American –football- shaped galaxy. At the point of no return, they must continue their journey in order to survive.

Although their paths crossed just outside the heliopause, the alien lost from the universe outside the «Event Horizon» café; only the spaceman escaped into a dream world of his own.




I’ m flying out to the galactic halo above the head of a sacred figure, in the eve of All Saints’ Day. «It’s true there are other universes outside your own», the alien told me;«our children love blowing space and time bubbles».

«I love you, Photon», he said and then a stellar wind emanated from a wolf-rayet star stripped me naked, leaving my light-body language exposed to a black hole.

Falling from the seventh floor of a nearby dwarf galaxy the petite creature said: «Light as many moons as you can in order to scare off the dark energy».


About the Poet


Fotis Nikolaou is a poet from Greece. He was born in Athens but his descent is from Asia Minor and Epirus. Fotis has attended creative writing classes and esoterism, philosophy, and astronomy seminars. Classical music is his cup of tea. His literary work has been included in various poetic anthologies such as “Valles Marineris” and “Dreams of Myths”.  He has published two prose poetry collections in Greek: “The Universe” and “The Leaves of Desire”. During this period he is experimenting with short stories.