The Goddess of Femininity


We wake to the day, searching

the sky for beauty, rays 

of possibilities—

above the world drowning 

in impossibilities.


As we redecorate the sky

and our surroundings,

to see the limitless seeds

of our femininity,

dashing across the horizons, 


taking us to the world of freedom,

to fly 

through the universe as a softstar—

free and unobstructed

to heal—


the wounds of the mind. 

After all they say, we are brave.

We must

pass this way anyway… 

We must test


the new world—

see if we can make it.

Our femininity is free flowing—


We are the breadwinners, 


the star trekkers—

the seeds of the new world!





I can hear the distant seagulls

in the sky like I am at the beach.

The Spanish gardeners have arrived

today. I can hear their truck and listen to

their machismo

like the wind and rain that pour

down its hiss and sigh

like a smooth murmur that says

relax, relax but enjoy.


My wheelchair bound daughter’s pill

box beeps every 10 minutes

reminding me—

of my responsibility to this life,

my purpose for waking,

to thrust forward,

to come fully awake, to console us,

to break down the hate that threatens

to destroy my love still glinting like sunset,



waiting for the night to break darkness

like a chocolate kiss around my lips,

then the song bird tweets harmonically,

the sun forces light through my window

like a fiery haze of hope, and maybe

this day will heal me, 

take away the sting of politics,

Donald Trump and his threats to Iran

and his love for Putin.



About the Poet

Lisa Rhodes-Ryabchich is the author of two chapbooks “We Are Beautiful Like Snowflakes,” & “Opening the Black Ovule Gate” from She has published recently or has poems forthcoming in Nothing Substantial, WRATH, Ancient Paths, Poetry Leaves Exhibition 2019 Anthology, Ephiphanies & Love Realizations of Love, Civilized Beast Vol. 3, Remembered Arts Journal, Breadcrumbs Magazine, Greed 7 Deadly Sins, I AM STRENGTH, Medical Literary Messenger, Literary Nest, Writers Café Magazine, Moon magazine, Madness Muse Press: Destigmatized Anthology,, Gather Round: A Collaboration of Cave Canem Workshop & Retreat Poets, Journal of Poetry Therapy & elsewhere. She has an MFA from Sarah Lawrence and was a 2016 fellow at Marthas Vineyard Creative Writing Institute.