Poems by Margaret Saine

Rondeau in Winter


“like a worm, was I wrapt round and round”

                                                      Edward Young


A feather on the

Polished marble floor

Of the train station


Life in another room

Blowing here and there

In a whirl of human steps


Time in a hummingbird garden

Pulsating life of the freeways

In and under my veins


The void of winter nights

To cede and to contract

In dream before the light


Sounds of blood enlivened

A lithesome music

Poised on the shores of silence




passing with delight

into this obscurity

each other’s embrace


two bodies speaking

in colors that are flesh

calling the other body


a promise to make

uncommon ground between us

the joy of suspense


then hurled into dreams

we’re worlds apart yet so close

our ships touch in sleep


Margaret Saine lives in Southern California, where, for three decades, she taught poetry in Spanish to the daughters and sons of Mexican immigrants. She writes poetry, haiku, short story, and cultural essay in five languages and translates poets between those languages. Her books are “Bodyscapes,” “Words of Art,” and 5 haiku chapbooks. Her book of poems “Searching For Bridges” was published bilingually, with Arabic, in October 2016 by the Jordanian Writers Association.  “Lit Angels” is to be published by Moonrise Press, Los Angeles, in December 2016. Her Italian ms. “Paesaggi che respirano” [Breathing Landscapes] is forthcoming, and she has published three books of poetry in German

Submission Prachya Review Dec 2016

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