Poems by Margaret Saine



My life is a sheaf of wheat

with bundles of yellow golden

ears all in a row

and between them

poppies for red and

pretty cornflower blue

but also some weeds


My life is a stream of fishes

with glittering shiny ones

flitting in between

rocks of somber delight

hulks with grinning green mouths

full of dangerous teeth


My life is all yours

free for the taking

–the talking and telling

as yours is to me

but I must take care

not to pour

all the stories at once

into your ear





I hide out

in the green forest

of your words

in the shade of shadows


to find you

I find my purple self

perhaps a dream


I remain speechless

our multicolored hands touch

lonely and alive

we change our colors to orange

in the embracing breeze


as we follow

a fog of veiled yellows

of floating whys

lepidopteral maybes

ever changing hues


colorful words darting out

buzzing butterflies

chamaeleon tongues

embrace us as we embrace

in the gentle breeze

of the sunset



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Margaret Saine is a California poet who writes and translates in several languages. Her poems have been published in many countries and languages and she is involved in a variety of collaborative projects with diverse poets of the world. umsaine@gmail.com

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