I Had Sex with “Harvey”

I was young
awkward, alone

and he was my boss
big, loud
in the Macdonald’s parking lot he said
show me your tits
and I did, I wanted to
keep my cashier’s job

and I did.

I was drinking
in the bar after work

and my drunk boss
at the hospital
asked for a ride and I gave him one

he said I always wanted to do this
after he called his pregnant wife
from a pay phone
I wanted to keep my job

and I did.

I was freelancing
no bra, no shoes
house by the beach and the client

said I masturbate while thinking
of you
and I called my boyfriend
to tell him
and we broke up.

The client gave me more work.

I worked for the university
prestige job

my boss was old
enough to be my grandfather
and he said stretch your legs

and I did even though
I told myself
I wasn’t some secretary.

I wore many hats
and the men
they just kept on coming, baby
and they said sexual things
and they hit on me
and they condescended
and I tell my stories
to younger women and
here’s the thing:

I had sex with men
like Harvey

I did and
I am not
a victim.


No Shame

Last last call
he sits beside her
on the tear it up stool
offers to buy
a round round
nobody needs.

His face lined
stamp stamped
dough of suffering
knifed by the cookie cutter
of a drink drink life

Shots go down down
smooth as pillow talk
his face burrowed deep
in her perfumed neck
like a bristled hatchet
close and closer
to her soft marrow

She hears the warning
tick tick tick heart
an echo chamber
tomb tomb
for his dead past,
bomb bomb
for his near future

ready to blow up up up
her small world.

The bar door slams
his hand in her hand
cold cold
as polished bone
warming her
deep deep inside.



Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan writes Florida noir with a dark humor. Poetry has appeared in Fourth & Sycamore, Flatbush Review, Penny Ante Feud, ink sweat and tears, r.kv.r.y quarterly literary journal, New Verse News, and elsewhere. Chapbooks include The Art of Bars (Finishing Line Press, 2016), Days’ End (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2017), and Final Arrangements (Prolific Press, 2019). What I Did for Love, a novel that spoofs Lolita, was released by Bloodhound Books UK (2019).