Dream of a Journey


Last night, i travelled round the

wall of rio de janeiro.

with  my eyes closed beneath the.           cloak of white apparel,

Wandering across my mind on the

soft chambers of my bed.


The  art painted on the pages of


Woke up to  reality watching

your dream run faster than your



Walking across the land for fortune

in dreg of sweat across the face,

the skin groan for breed to stand

amidst the breed for survival.



Moon Veil


The universe move in wind and storm,

the climate  change  across

its atmosphere.

The sun change its cloak with  dawn,

the moon exchange its identity of the dark for intensity that rage

beneath the cloud.


The drowning day  on the scarlet of

uncertainty unseen,

The night set it edge around the sky,

to replace  the brightness of the clouds, casting  shades to the path of man across

the axis.


We work all day under the veil of the


The light are far apart from our eyes,

the earth lost its vision at the

visit you never announced.

You stretch across the clouds


Moving across the sphere,

switching reality to dreams.


The swipe will restore the sun,

eyes would be bright again.

Our dream would not sway in the

veil of shades.

Thy reality would be castaway from

the nightmares of the day.




Ogunniyi Abayomi was born July 11, 1991 in the city of Lagos, where he reside. His love for poetry is very strong whereby he considers it a page of his life. He is aspiring to create positive values as a poet to his world.