Yesterday, I slept on Mama’s breasts

And I was prisoner to delusive thoughts

Illusory reality was a prisoner too,

Prisoner of my mind, of my eyes


Yesterday, the night mirage turned

My mind into phantom clouds

And I hid behind the smokescreen,

But stung by a shooting star,

I retreated to the pillow I made

Out of Mama’s delicate breasts




On this morning occasion,

A great feast, our Lord’s celebration

I heard the pulpit talk

And thereafter,

I heard him in a million ways

And laughter sprang up in the air


The seats gave a standing ovation

With their all moving thirty-twos

Was it a trick?

Then, everywhere as still as the sun

As we all cheered

Our talking and echoing microphone


Okuwoga Eyimofe was born and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. He loves visual art and literature. His works have been published in Parousia Magazine, Black Boy Review, Sun Literary Review, Brittle Paper, The Kalahari Review, Conflict Breed, and Sprinng Literary Movement among others. He is a co-editor at BU Gist. He curates a literary blog; Articulate []