Paint me a storm that drifts away to the forgotten land

Where pain doth stare; nor do memories evade,

The brushstrokes or the colors

In the corners, ridges of the midst of the canvas;

Where it stays, unknown and forgotten

A land it never escapes,

A blank landscape of tears

Uneven and rigid where the tears had once fallen,

A storm which goes to the land

And never returns

And then amidst the hurricane, paint me a spark

A mild short and intimate urge

Amidst the land of the forgotten

That seeps slowly again into my brain,

In the hush of nights and grim endings of a day,

The spark blowing round and hatching

Glowing and flying

Into a fire,

A blaze, a massive roar

With ashes tinting the colors away;

Of memories, unuttered wishes and sobs

Melting the ridges and eating

The salt terrain of tears

Burning blue, orange, red and then black

Then paint me a drizzle,

To settle the smoke and rinse the earth

Then turn it into a shower

For the start of a new day


I smelled a flower today


Its petals drenched with the drizzle

Yet the scent unperturbed, condensed;

Even warm in the creases at night fall,

Its warmth transcending into my nerves – life

Beneath the solitary blue sky,

Grey and dark its hold

And hushing the remnants of smells,

In the cold silence

The flower – my last ray of hope

In the dead,

Beneath smoke ridden sky,

With ashes clung in the falling droplets

Among heaps of dirt,

Into puddles of broken earth

I smelled the flower,

In a hurry to fill my nerves,

With a mystic tranquility and peace,

Or before a fruit shares its womb

I smelled amidst the metallic buzzing of a nearby wasp,

As it turns against the orchard,

With the wings of a rocket,

And the shells of a drone

I smelled before the falling petals color the puddles,

Dark and grim,

I smelled the flower

When it could.




Saara Samin, is a poet and writer by choice, a blogger, and writes poetry,prose and a hybrid of both for the obituaries of her thoughts. Her short story, ‘The Scent’ appeared in Prachya Review, winter issue. She is currently looking for representation for her novel ‘In the Mirror’ and working on her second novel, and runs a personal blog.