The Language of Silence


I wake inside

the amniotic

sky a foil

of blue

teaches me

the language

of a tree

and see

how it soaks

in its own shadow

and build flesh

like a face

free in the space

in a bowl of water

the scale

of what is dark

is seen on

a prism

of what is bright

to speak

a language

spoken in silence

every syllable

of it turns

my tongue



Something about Dreams



is something

about dreams

that break

when I open

my eyes

a whole castle

had taken

seconds long

to build





like smoke



You Give Me Butt


You give me butt. Flies

a smile melts bone

like it were butter. Fries

in the sunlight

of your presence

I follow a pumpkin;

a balloon bowl

shaking its water

while you walk away

its Halloween

and your backside

is without a costume

you give me butt. flies



About the Poet


Saddiq Dzukogi is a Nigerian poet with three poetry collections. His works have appeared or forthcoming in publications such as: The Kalahari Review, Saraba Magazine, African Writer, Ofi Press, Snapdragon: A Journal of Healing, Entartete Kunst Literary Review, Synchronised Chaos,The Provo Canyon Review,  Amomancies, Oddball Magazine, The Bombay Review, Deep Water Literary Journal among others. Saddiq is currently working on his manuscript; Obscene Letters And Other Contradictions. He lives in Minna.