Harrowing Tale of a Tale Harrower


Breaking clods of stories,

architecting blue prints of the amorphous,

dream shaped capsules

plopping down like pills

in beer bottles.


I am engaged in the blue-eyed barrier,

red cells collapsing in my blood shots,

hauntingly the shades of presence,

the shadows of departure

envelope the pottery,

mud-mixing make-believers-

telling tell-tale tales.



Fifth’s the Ready


Only a new calendar could solve all our worries.

We know we fell from the trees in the wind;

Dust of flakes from the pale god in cold.

We smear no red in our awakening but gray

It’s just that we don’t want to look ugly.


The sun rains its rays on us from a boiling pot

Of sky when down here we freeze

To write down our dreams

Of forgotten quotes by C.S. Lewis or by that writer

Forgotten due to the number of dreams.

No human mind was designed to remember everything.

It’s not like that we wander. It’s not like we’re lost.

It’s just us with a bellyful of worries to be heard,

To be found, to be seen, and again, to dream.

But then, I heard your name through the intercom

In a galaxy of shop when you’re just lost

In the aisles of condiments and canned food.

In the milky ways of Milky Ways;

It wasn’t that you would be on the “Missing”

Page but what makes me worried that you will

Be lost anyways, around your margins of what has been

And what has not,

The white sheets graying with our age.


The same pale God of water in a different name

In a different country where we call it Tushara

Reminds us how small our worries are

Looked from above. They are all white.

On the fifth day of our new year we promise,

We smear no red in our awakening but gray,

It’s just that we don’t want to look ugly.



About the Poet

Sujash Purna is a poet and student. He was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and at the age of 18, came to the US to study English. His poem ‘Dhaka’ won the third place in the Wax Poetry and Art’s 14th Poetry Contest. His poetry appeared in publications, such as the Five 2 One, Prairie Winds, Off the Coast, Harbinger Asylum, Stonecoast Review, and the Inwood Indiana. His book “Biriyani” is coming out soon from Ohio’s The Poet’s Haven Author Series.