the evil ONE

I know
the evil one
that strays you away,
tell tiny true tales that
leading you to death,
whose wickedness betrays paradise.

I know
the evil one
and will show you.

Explore the mirror
clap your eyes
it isn’t him,
it isn’t her,
it is you.
   the evil one is you.


Midnight Singers


   Hunn hunn

   Hunn hunn hunn


Can you hear them sing?

Not the bats

No, not them.


Listen and look

Through this wrecked window

That fence innocence plus ignorance

But echoes fear.


They are dressed in

White, Red and Black

Carrying calabash

Costumed with chalk

Chanting incantations.

They are there

At the crossroads.


   Ha ha ha

   Ha ha ha


They sing at night,

We danced by day.




I rise at dawn
seeing the day won
creeps into the day
as the lifeless dark monitor trails
hidden in my mind
I knew I shall die tonight
with hope to wake next dawn
either here or there


About the Poet

Tola Ijalusi writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. His poems were featured in the 31 Days of Poetry 2015, 2016 and 2017 on EGC Creativity. He has been published recently in Kalahari Review, Tuck Magazine, Nantygreens, Hub201, BlackBoy Magazine and elsewhere. He enjoys country and reggae music.