The Dissonant Void


With his robust sprawling bare-feet
stamped hard over her pliable textures
in a selfless outlook he was good at
and a calm ‘khaavi” draped holy dhoti
the old man with a messy grey beard
with his three rustic men
in reckless sickle blows..

Uprooted her greeneries, flowered
fragilities and lush plantain trees
with hanging bunches of raw fruits

A buzzing populace of dragonflies
to sparrows to the nestled cuckoo pair
dispersed out in a shrieking disarray
towards the fathomless blue skies
in dumb disposition to their cries
inch by inch, feet by feet encroaching
hungry devil in lust over her firm skins
made up to clinically manicured mere
slave in a loosely held desperate base:

filled between her torn geographies
and the far-flung blue illusions-
were such each minded hostilities
rather rampantly clung together
unto an irredeemable plunging
              an abysmal cancerous
void from their corroded
hearts’, fast getting extinct


* ‘khaavi’- word of Tamil origin, meaning ‘ saffron/ bright orange coloured drapes usually worn by ‘sanyasis'(Hindu Religious monks/ saints)


 Three  Blue  Windows

They diffused dimmer blues
front-yard black-pond bubbled scum-effluents. Their trailer
in seeded rows of swallowing whirls
statically continually ironical
bats shuttled in meekly ominous kinetics
and, there she was. she streamed in her midnight mike tone. As always
that curiosity of what was aired grew daily uneventful

But then, blue shoe-pairs and mini-blue-bulb
winked  whispered in warmth of molten translucence
that clogged skins of abrasion
until long. Until blueless breaking dawns

they shunned any cut-through passerby. Diamond sun sparkles
twilight keyed in their need enigmatic blues


About the Poet


Umarani Jayaraj is an upcoming poet of Southern India, based out of hometown Coimbatore. She writes in English, but not uncommon when it comes mixed with Indianisations..i.e., Tamil/Sanskrit or Hindi words spread in some work.  Her poems had found place in Indian Poetry Anthologies & some International Online Magazines. She is a regular poet at Deep Underground Poetry ( and blogs at,  also literarily active in facebook. Her poetic themes revolve around soul-searching- spiritual and romance, often with juxtapositions, surrealistic imageries & wordplays. A Food Professional & Mother, being poet is an eternal condition as per her.