new leaf final



Like wild animals wailing

In a black forest chased

Clogged by their trailer

Cried until they hush

Their hopes dashed

Of a messiah’s mash

Away he stays

Corseted in many ways

Out of his mother land he says

He was expelled of no case

Hunted in his base

Had to tacitly transfer his base

Because he was timely bazed





It is said that

Lions are giants

Hence tolerate no non-sense

Ire is assured to that who

Dare the giant lions of my set

Silence is next to that noise

Of yesterday


Is the talk of today

Of the assumed radical of yesterday

My environment favors no criticism

But rejoice and romance with worshipers

Of its so labeled people’s government

Dictatorship in facticity


About the Poet

unsA young Nigerian essayist and poet, Usman Nurain Muhammad is the author of High School Verses. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors and studies English and Literary studies at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria.  He is an independent researcher and consultant with diverse platforms. He believes in societal reorientation and youth repositioning as essentials to nation building.