The Audible


Consider the heart as a guide

hand to chest, feel its question.

Truth flows a wellspring inside

deafened by noise congestion.


Ears caulked by a million voices,

cacophony’s stunning scream

blocks inspiration of choices,

whispering of love —a dream.


Integrate spirit and soul,

they must be read and received,

spirit’s eyes charting the whole

in the grace of your truth believed.


Permit the freedom of your heart

to allow Babel to depart.



Safe Spot


A creature set in her ways at age ten,

Mimi, a small mutt whose old owner had died:

old lady’s children opened the gate when

the house was sold—- Mimi thrown curbside.


Hungry and scared, she was found on the street,

thin, hair like a bush, we took her inside,

Mimi chose Daddy as hers, her life complete,

even new house rules she learned and applied.


She growled at me!  What an ungrateful cur!

Like Cesar Milan, I tapped her on the side.

She ran to sit on Daddy’s pillow: “Grrr!”

Mimi found her safe place, cushioned astride.


A treasure, that pillow place where we can face

challenges and be with secure in love’s grace.



About the Poet

Victoria Crawford is a California poet currently living in Thailand.  She seeks to express the interconnected of all in her poetry, an offering to all readers.  Her poetry has appeared in journals such as ColdNoon, The Lyric, Pacific Poetry, and Hawaii Pacific Review.