A world rots thus fades away

and into this the new Rubicon

is born upon distant shores of

white sand beaches

Shores once owned by God and

then owned by Spanish Conquistadors.


I opened my eyes and diamond tears

streamed down confined into river woe.


The stones lye weeping upon a bed

strewn universe stripped bare and

there you were naked and pure.


A map strewn out beyond the universe

lay bare before the masses.


The lighthouse of your metaphoric rise

shown a death kissed and radiant bejeweled



I shall soon pass come be as one with me

into the forest of a clear Nile vision.


Rock in the River  


the jagged rock

smoothed over by

the raging torrents

of such a

forceful river

an ancient river

that washed over it

for years

the rock lye

bitter and twisted


and howling out at

heavens gates

through which it

gazed upon madly

up through

the murky depths

between the blind

curtains of

a cosmos

smiling down

the life of a rock caressed

into smooth submission

beneath a multitude

of violet

phosphorous stars


meWayne Russell is a creative writer born and raised in Florida, and even though his travels have carried him around the world, some strange force keeps pulling him back again. Wayne has been published in Nomadic Voices Magazine, Zaira  Journal, The Bitchin’ Kitschs’ and others.